Headerbild Daniel Koch - Überweisungspraxis für Kleintierchirurgie


Evaluation and comparison of plate fixation after triple pelvic osteotomy (VCOT, 1993)

Sulcoplasty and transposition of the tibial tuberosity in dogs wirh patellar luxation (German) (SAT, 1997)

Diagnosing patellar luxation (German) (SAT, 1998)

Spinal stapling for luxations and fractures of the vertebral column (German) (SAT, 1998)

Extracorporeal shock waves in small animal orthpedics (SAT 2004)

Plates and screws (AO manual, 2005)

K-wires in proximal femur fractures (VCOT, 2008)

Traumatic dislocation of the lumbosacral joint in cats (VCOT, 2008)

Risk factors in TTA (VCOT 2009)

Fixation of a tarso-metatarsal fractures with ALPS (VCOT, 2009)

Revision rate after 214 TTA  (SAT, 2011, German) (SAT 2011, English)

From a Polish magazine, in Polish: (Orthopedic examination) (Suture material selection)
Alternative measurement of TTA cage width, 2.1 method (technical note, 2016)

Soft tissues

Brachycephalic syndrome in dogs (Compendium, 2003)

Evaluation of Rhinomanometry (Am J Vet Res, 2007)

S-index to evaluate skull conformation in dogs (SAT, 2012)

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