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Training modules

I offer several possibilties for surgical trainings in small animal orthopedics and soft tissue surgery. The course languages may be English, German, Dutch, French or Italian. The handouts are provided in English or German. The presentation slides are in English or German. Any translation and involvment of interpreters is to the local organiser's choice.


- Theoretical lessons from 2 hours to 2 days

- Interactive lessons for diagnostics and case management (2 hours to 2 days)

- Workshops with practical exercises (wet lab or dry lab; 1 to 5 days)

- On site surgical training with the staff from half day to 5 days, including staff discussion rounds

- On site assistance for difficult surgeries (e.g. hip prosthesis)

- Basic courses in small animal dentistry for veterinarians and nurses

- Basic surgery and asepsis course for laboratory personnel (2 days)

- Other specific training modules on demand


Please contact me directly for further details (mail)

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